The 2018 Toolkit has arrived. Click here to download the latest ideas on how to celebrate world KC Day

Spread the word on social media! Here are some ideas for easy msgs to raise awareness for World KC Day and keratoconus:

    • Did you know that keratoconus is often mistaken for astigmatism? #worldkcday #nkcf
    • A thorough eye exam can make all the difference! #worldkcday  #nkcf
    • I’m spreading the word about Keratoconus for [name of loved one/friend]! #worldkcday
    • Keratoconus affects more people than you think! Spread the word and raise awareness on Nov. 10! #worldkcday #nkcf
    • Hay fever, pollen, … ugh.  Allergies are the worst! AND a tie to keratoconus, a progressive eye disease.  Dont’ rub your eyes!! #worldkcday  #nkcf
    • Scleral lenses are larger than gas perm lenses and provide great vision for many with KC.  #worldkcday  #nkcf

Print and share our World KC posters and logo. Take a picture and submit it for the World KC gallery. Share how you’re spreading the word.


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