I was diagnosed with keratoconus when I was 29 the year was 2009 and I thought it was the end of the world! At the time the Doctor I was seeing gave me little to no hope, said there was no cure and I would eventually lose most if not all my vision. I was only 29 not married no kids and I was practically going blind…It was hard but i had vome to terms with it tnis was my life. I decided to enjoy the little vision I did have for whatever time I would have it. Time went on vision got worse and grew into a depression. My days consisted of going to work and coming home to sleep….gained weight and continued to get depressed. Thankfully I have a great group of friends and family who didn’t let me give up, and have supported me every step of the way! One of my friends fathers is part of the Lions Club of Wolcott, Connecticut, she told him my story. Her father sent out a mass email to other Lions Club members….within minutes I had an appointment at Yale New Haven Eye Center. I saw 2 different Doctors and they saw me at no charge. Although my Keratoconus is advance and at some point I will need corneal transplant, right now my vision is pretty stable with contacts. I have been trough a few different pairs as my vision has change and I also had Acute Hydrops, i could not be any happier with my vision and Yale Eye Center. Keratoconus is a part me but it no longer defines me nor hinders me! There is hope.

The picture I have attached is from 2014 when I had Acute Hydrops. The road to recovery from it has been long as I still have a lot of scarring but i did gain most of my vision back.